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“A Traveller's Tales” CD release May 6th, 2019

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'A Traveller's Tales' is a collection of twelve new songs from Gavin Sutherland. With friends old and new this, his sixth solo album, was recorded during the summer of 2018 and the early months of 2019 on Scotland's north-east coast.


Joining him on this one are Heidi Browne on fiddle and fellow clansman Dave Sutherland on double bass, players who, with Nick Zala's pedal steel guitar, bring a country flavour to the writer's rootsy approach to music making. Old pals Dave McGarry and Terry Butters take turns at the piano, Sam Lumsden hits the drums, Steve Watts' synthesizers add an extra touch of colour here and there and Nancy K Dillon, Heidi Browne, Debi Doss, Claire Kennedy and Gillie Nicholls put their voices in the mix.


With a nod in a green direction the CD is packaged in a simple card sleeve with some basic sleeve note information. Lyrics, photos and much more about the album are found on a dedicated album web page at


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With best wishes,

Polly Sutherland


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